Friday, November 2, 2007

Dedication Ceremony Layout

Here is a handy layout to help you find your way around the cermony. If you are driving, please use the USIS parking lot at the corner of Lincoln Avenue and Harvard Street. The lot is only 100 yards from the bridge.

Patriot Guard Riders - please note the parking arrangement on the bridge, as well as the overflow area around the stage on Harvard Street. If you are escorted down Broad Street, you will turn right onto Chestnut Street, then cross McConnell Street to ride onto the bridge.

The bridge is a little over 100 yards long, so we'll fit as many of you on the bridge as possible, and the rest will easily fit in the overflow area.

Thanks for coming!


Anonymous said...

I would like to know who to contact with regards to service men killed in action.

Rich Talbert said...

Any names can be left via a comment on this site, or you can feel free to e-mail borough councilman Rich Talbert at

Anonymous said...

So when is the new Chestnut Street Bridge going to be open for use? We live in the neighborhood to the east of the bridge and have been detouring up onto 208 for far too long. I tried to use it Saturday afternoon, but still no joy.

Rich Talbert said...

The SSG Shawn A. Graham Veterans Memorial Bridge will be open shortly.

It was supposed to be open after the ribbon cutting, but the contractors had some issues with the expansion joints on each end of the bridge.

As soon as I get an update on the opening, I'll post it.